On the 29th day of April, 1916 a group of lawyer formed an association and named it as Mangaldai Bar Association. The written constitution of the Mangaldai Bar Association was adopted on the 12th day of November, 1925. The present strength of our association is 466 in the year 2017.

Now we have a two storied RCC building with five large halls and a canteen for the members to repose. We also have a well equipped air conditioned library having several numbers of computer sets with internet facility for our members. We allow the law students/researchers to use our materials for the purpose of study and research.

Many of our members qualified for Assam Judicial Services among them Rtd. Late Justice Siba Prashad Rajkhowa had been elevated to the bench of Calcutta High Court and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mir Alfaj Ali to the bench of Gauhati High Court.



Establishment of Bar Association

Forming of mangaldai bar association 1916

Lawyers like Rai Sahib Suklal Ghosh, Tapeswar Sarma, Purnanda Rajkhowa, Hiralal Bose, Kumud Ram Bora and Ratneswar Dasgupta started practicing at Mangaldai from the year 1916 forming an association without adopting a constitution.

Adoption of Written Constitution

baptising thename mangaldai bar association

It was 29th April 1916 when a small group of lawyers formed an association and baptized it as Mangaldai Bar Association and the written constitution of the bar had been adopted on 12th November 1925. The lawyers who formed the Mangaldai Bar Association were Raisahib Suklal Ghosh (Pleader), Puranananda Rajkhowa B.L , Tapeswar Sarma , B.L, Hiralal Bose, (Vakil) Ratneswar Dasgupta.

Fighting for a Cause

After independence member of the Mangaldai Bar Association have been fighting for the cause of the people. In the year 1950 two of its member namely Sandhi Saharia and Mukti Nath Goswami organised Satyagrah movement for the landless people of Ranthali Tea Estate , Kalaigaon.

War Time Service

In 1962 during the period of Chinese aggression the member of this Bar Association formed a committee under the name and style Mangaldai Evacuee Relief Committee and rendered yeoman service to the distressed people of erstwhile NEFA (now Arunachal Pradesh). It also contributed generously to the National Defence Fund.

First President of Association

The first Secretary of the Association was Raishahib Suklal Ghosh, however, the record revealed that the post of President was created only in the year of 1970 and Sri Suklal Ghosh was elected as first President of Mangaldai Bar Association.

Rising Against Atrocities

Mangaldai Bar Association took up the cudgel and spearheaded the movement against the atrocities of paramilitary force which prompted the government to compensate and rehabilitate the family of the victims.